Forever Adored


Beauty Services & Advanced Training

Kelli Torrence

Owner/Founder/Head Educator

I got my start in the beauty industry in 2001 when I was hired to do makeup for my first wedding client. Back before social media and YouTube, beauty professionals had to build their reputation on word of mouth alone! Thank goodness we've evolved and have so many amazing platforms to showcase our work, and reach people all over the world.

With almost 20 years of beauty industry experience under my belt, I have found myself shifting into the world of Beauty Industry Education. I still take clients full time, but over the last 4 years I have slowly begun to introduce advanced classes. Forever Adored now regularly offers training in Microblading, Classic and Volume lash extensions, Full body waxing and the Keratin Lash Infusion. 

Keep your eyes peeled because Forever Adored is ALWAYS working to bring you the latest in services and training!


Who are we?

Forever Adored is a collective group of beauty professionals with a passion for making their clients feel their best. Our main focus is giving professionals a space to learn, create and grow! 

Rental Options:

We offer full time, part time and daily rental stations.

All of our private suites have their own sinks and are available for full time rent.


Regular advance classes and special guest instructors teach classes right here our new salon that features a spacious classroom. You can get more info on our Lash Extension, Waxing, Keratin Lash Infusion and Microblading classes by messaging us through the "Contact" tab at the top of the page!